Why Everybody Should Be Serious About Social Intelligence

When we became particular about each others self awareness and how to become socially intelligent, these are the changes that are necessary to help keep us together!! We stopped focusing on what was wrong and started fixing what could be right!!!

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nonverbal cues

Examples Of Nonverbal Communication

Can include facial expressions, body language, gestures, touch, eye contact and posture. Each of these nonverbal cues can be used to communicate a wide range of emotions and messages. All of these examples of nonverbal communication can tell you about someone without them having to talk to you.

What is the body language

Most Of The Time We Are Non-Verbal In Our Communication With Others

Experts say that a minimum 55% of the time we do not say anything. However, we are using nonverbal cues to take away the need to say anything. The body language of anyone you talk to will tell you everything that you want to know.

non verbal communication

Most People Say Nothing & Are Telling You Everything

When considering how we talk to each other, nonverbal communication, is always ahead of any other way we talk. While most feel ignored anyway and do not talk, they are giving anyway what they think if you are reading their body language.

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Why We Should Look At How Socially IntelligentĀ  Talk To One Another

Socially intelligent people are those who possess the skills and abilities to understand, interact with, and relate to other people in an effective and meaningful way. They have an intuitive understanding of social rules, norms, body language, conversational cues, and interpersonal dynamics that allow them to navigate their social environment with confidence. Socially intelligent individuals recognize the impact of their actions on others and strive to make positive contributions to relationships. They are able to empathize with othersā€™ perspectives while also having strong self-awareness of their own emotions and feelings.As a result, they often develop strong bonds with those around them due to their genuine interest in understanding different points of view. People who exhibit socially intelligent behaviors can be highly successful both personally and professionally as they possess the skills and abilities necessary for effective relationship building.Ā  Additionally, they are often seen as highly desirable colleagues and friends due to their strong interpersonal skills. Ultimately, socially intelligent people have a higher likelihood of creating meaningful relationships and achieving their goals.