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A covenant marriage is a type of marriage that is legally distinct from a traditional marriage. It is a marriage that is entered into with a greater level of commitment and seriousness than a traditional marriage. In order to enter into a covenant marriage, the couple must sign a declaration of intent and obtain a marriage license from a state that issues marriage licenses for covenant marriages. The couple must also receive premarital counseling from a professional marriage counselor.


Unlike traditional marriages, couples who enter into a covenant marriage agree to seek marital counseling if the parties experience marital difficulties. If the couple is unable to resolve their marital difficulties, they may obtain a legal separation or divorce, but only after making reasonable efforts to reconcile. In some cases, a spouse may be able to obtain a divorce if the other spouse has committed a serious crime, such as physical or sexual abuse. In addition, the court may award child support, spousal support, and other forms of relief in a covenant marriage, just as it would in a traditional marriage.

Mary Dade - Educational background: BA in Psychology and Minor in Child Development. My wife is a mother of 4 beginning with Elizabeth 13, Elijah 9, Annabelle 7, and Naomi 6 Months. She is the original founder of the marriage ministry Kingdom Blueprint. She does independent Court-of-Heaven sessions, coaching sessions as a restored wife, mentorship programs for restoration, and deliverance sessions for spiritual warfare.  

Aaron Dade -Educational background: BA in Business Administration with a Minor in Finance. MBA (Master's in Business Admin) and a Minor in Marketing. As a husband and father to 4 children, his focus is centered around family. He is a major portion of the ministry and does challenges, coaching sessions, and provides the male perspective on every form of restoration.

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What is a Covenant Marriage And Why Is It Important?


A covenant marriage is a type of marriage that requires a higher level of commitment than a traditional marriage. It is a legally binding agreement between two people that is recognized by certain states in the United States. The couple must sign a declaration of intent to enter into a covenant marriage and obtain a marriage license from the state. Unlike traditional marriages, couples who enter into a covenant marriage must receive premarital counseling from a professional marriage counselor and agree to certain conditions before they can be legally married.

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In addition, if the parties experience marital difficulties, they must seek marital counseling before they can legally separate or obtain a divorce. If the couple does not make reasonable efforts to resolve their marital difficulties, the court may not grant a divorce. In some cases, the court may require the couple to live separate and apart for a period of time before granting a divorce.


Covenant marriage laws also provide additional protections for spouses who are victims of physical or sexual abuse. If one spouse is convicted of a serious crime, such as domestic violence or spousal support, the other spouse may be able to obtain a legal separation or divorce without the consent of the other spouse. In addition, the court may order the spouse who committed the crime to pay child support or other financial support to the other spouse.

Overall, a covenant marriage agrees to a higher level of commitment than a traditional marriage. The state issues marriage licenses to couples who enter into a covenant marriage and requires them to receive premarital counseling and make reasonable efforts to resolve marital difficulties before they can legally separate or obtain a divorce.


Why We Chose A Covenant Marriage After Our Marriage Did Not Work


We went through all the processes of getting away from each other. We tried legal separation or being legally separated. Our first marriage was like most married couples, we did not have a covenant marriage and our declaration of intent was filing for divorce or to file for divorce at the first sign of real problems. The idea that other people had a covenant marriage was for TV and was not possible because they were not part of a religious sect or heard of the covenant marriage act. We were husband and wife on paper because our marriage certificate was valid at the time, however, the constant emotional abuse we put each other through was putting us on a path of failure. Our marriage license was rooted in family law from the attorney general of our state and not in God's law for covenant marriages.

The fact that my wife was sexually abused or when the problems arise from my issues with addiction, instead of addressing when those problems arise so they may be separate and apart from other problems, we let them destroy our marriage. God created marriage so that there would be reasonable efforts to preserve the journey that man is on. He designed every marriage to be a covenant marriage and all covenant marriages to be more than a marriage license or marriage certificate.

Taking Your Spiritual Journey For Deeper Understanding

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God has given us a kingdom blueprint to follow. As we embark on this spiritual journey together, we hope to share with you our personal experiences and insights that have led us to a deeper understanding of our faith and our relationship with God. Both of us hear from God and he is a browser in this world that any person can gain and learn to lose relationships.

In today's world, where the concept of marriage is often distorted and the idea of a lifelong commitment is seen as outdated, we must stand firm in our beliefs and seek guidance from God. Our lives are constantly bombarded with ads and messages that promote a self-centered and temporary view of relationships. But as we continue to seek God and develop our faith, we have found that our marriage is not just about us, but it is a reflection of God's love and a testimony of His grace.


We Began Seeking To Be Saved In His House

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Through the ups and downs of our own marriage, we have experienced the healing and restoration that comes from surrendering our lives to God. We have learned to create a home that is centered on the gospel and to surround ourselves with friends and a community that supports and encourages us in our faith. Our ministry as a couple has also been a source of joy and purpose, as we stand together to share God's words and love with others.

As we share our journey with you through blog posts, videos, and other content, we hope that you will also gain a deeper understanding of God's plan for marriage and how it can bring peace and joy into our lives. We believe that our marriage is not just for our own happiness, but it is a powerful tool for God to use in the lives of others. So join us as we continue to seek God and learn how to live out our new covenant marriage according to His kingdom blueprint.


The Importance of Premarital Counseling in a Covenant Marriage


Premarital counseling plays a crucial role in a covenant marriage as it helps couples understand the commitment they are making and prepares them for any potential challenges that may arise in their marriage. Unlike traditional premarital counseling, which often focuses on communication and conflict resolution skills, premarital counseling for the beginning of a covenant marriage delves deeper into the couple’s values, beliefs, and expectations for their marriage. It also focuses on building a strong spiritual foundation for the marriage and encourages couples to seek God in all aspects of their relationship.

In addition, premarital counseling can help identify any red flags or potential issues that may need to be addressed before entering into the foundation of any covenant marriage. This can include past traumas, communication styles, and individual expectations for the marriage. By addressing these issues early on, couples can set a solid foundation for their covenant marriage and increase their chances of success.

Overall, premarital counseling is an important aspect of entering into covenant marriages as it helps couples to fully understand the commitment they are making and prepares them for a lifetime journey together.


Please don't tell me about your fears and your doubts and your worries and your situation or your what-ifs........... LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY GOD 👇👇👇

2017 separated, divorced, addicted, afflicted, broken, away from each other for 3 years....going through prodigal stages, heart healing,  letting go of idols, God restored our identities in him 🙏🙏🙏👇

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Then he brought us back together,  restored our relationships with our children

And then got remarried and restored under God's alignment to each other

Then had our restoration baby ......which redeemed one of the miscarriages I had during our old marriage........


Now 4 beautiful children

Walking restored helping others do it too.


When And How To Begin A Prayer For Everything

He took us off the street, out of rags, out of the world and helped us transform and renew our minds to become kingdom-aligned and then commissioned us to go out and do it again and again with every couple or person we meet......all for his glory and his honor and his praise!!!!!!

Improve Your Relationship With Prayer

Start trusting God at his word.....start believing what the blood of Jesus and Jesus dying on the cross truly means....rise up with God in your true identity in him and no one else.......where our worth is found in the Lord and what he says and not what man says. ❤️🦋👑🔥

We don't need to strap up. We need to faith up! 🛡️⚔️

How To Pray For The Sick

Believe what God's word says about you!

Believe he really is a good father. We let go and get out of his way and watch him transform, heal, and realign every area of your life!!!!!!!

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