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Welcome home, Restorers!!!! This is the place for you to be! We have helped many couples that were divorced, separated, or living together and not together restore their identity in our Lord Jesus Christ.  Which then, led to the restoration of their covenant marriages and the reconciliation of their children, their families, and the generations after them.

If you are ready to go deeper into a relationship with God and to watch him restore your entire family and marriage, then lace up your boots, and let's get to work!


Any area that is blocking you from eternal life we will partner with the holy spirit to lead us in helping you with healing your heart, restoring your identity in Christ, and then giving you your own Kingdom Blueprint for Restoration of your entire marriage and your life!

Need a prayer for marriage restoration? Need to learn how to save a marriage? Are you trying to find the path to eternal life through relationship with God? Was Christian marriage counseling not enough? Ready for marital reconciliation? Let's learn how to fix a broken marriage because God restores! We will teach you the scriptures on marriage restoration and help you with declarations too!

Look no further! Set up a consultation, and let's get to work on your restoration with God!

No marriage or life situation is beyond repair for the Lord! The messier it is, the more eternal glory God gets out of it!

Watch God restore and give double portion of what the enemy tries to steal. Praise God for everlasting joy and eternal life!!!


Bible Verse About Marriage:

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:9 NIV

Learn The Benefits Of Prayer For Your Marriage Here!!!!

The First Step Before You Have A Restoration With God, We Talk About Your Restoration In God Through You Relationship With God


As we embark on this journey together, let us first take a moment to reflect on the power of restoration through the lens of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In the Bible, we see a recurring theme of restoration, from the ruined cities of the Old Testament to the hope of salvation in the New Testament. Our God is a God of restoration, and He has a plan to bring restoration to every aspect of our lives.

Through His only son, Jesus Christ, we have the promise of eternal life and everlasting joy. All forms of restoration begin with restoration in God. That comes through listening and living by God's word. Hearing God's word is key to hearing God's voice because the personal relationship that He wants with you comes from knowing God's character. To have a restoration that is rooted in God, you will need a relationship with God and Jesus Christ that is authentic for your whole life.

Thank the Lord forever for your willing spirit that is searching for God's promise and knowing that everything is happening according to God's plan to give you a double portion of what the enemy is trying to steal, including the joy of your salvation. Many bible verses speak of what God restored to a willing spirit and holy prophets always speak of the double portion given as god overcomes all obstacles to a righteous person.



God's restoration scriptures are bible verses in God's word that show His restoration power. The Lord restored many things to full restoration with God and frequently more than double portion in our everyday lives that becomes a new creation. The same way the Lord gave His only son so we may have life, the everlasting joy of salvation, and green pastures through God's love, is the same way He can come into your life and bring restoration through bible verses and restoration scriptures.

The biblical definition of our physical bodies is not the same as a worldly definition. Our physical bodies must be like the Old Testament of God's word where all good things tells us the perfect place for our whole heart.

As Psalm 51 says, the Lord does not want sacrifice but a broken spirit and contrite heart. As we continue to pursue a personal relationship with God, He will restore our souls and bring us to full restoration in every aspect of our lives. This is the power of God's restoration that we can experience through Christ Jesus. Psalm 51 is one of many bible verses that identify that God wants to bring restoration in your life 1st and not just your marriage!!


God's restoration begins with the knowledge of God's presence. It is easy to say you seek God and God's presence because you want God promises in your life. Our Father God intended for us to know the Lord forever through His divine restoration. God's promises were promised long ago and through every broken relationship you can view God gave the opportunity to mend broken relationships.

He restores marriages and people recognize His restoring work and unfailing love as the original condition and not an alter state. All these things are not there for only a little while, God's cup overflows even when it seems to be very quiet waters. Learn to seek God and have God promises through knowing God's presence, this is the way to restoration with God!!!


The Holy Spirit, with His willing spirit, works wonders in our everyday lives, bringing restoration to our physical bodies, our relationships, and our souls. Our heavenly father is always looking after us and that is the major reason Christ died for us. God created us and as God's children we got ourselves in trouble through sin, and since God created us God loves and God desires to maintain a personal relationship with us.

To do that Christ died for our sins, not his sin, our sins. As holy prophets have spoken, the Lord will restore us and give us a double portion of His love and blessings. He will restore us for His name's sake and for the glory of His kingdom.

Let us praise God for His restoration power and His love for us. As we plant vineyards and drink from the cup that overflows, let us remember that our God loves us and desires to bring full restoration to our lives. Let us hold onto the biblical definition of restoration and trust in the Lord's plan for our lives.


So, my dear friends, do not lose hope. The Lord gave us His only son, Jesus, to overcome all obstacles and bring us the joy of our salvation. Let us pray for restoration in our lives and in the lives of those around us. And may we always remember that in the same way God restored the people of Israel, He will also bring restoration to our lives.

The power of God's restoration in our lives is truly remarkable. Through our personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we can experience the love and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Christ Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, died for our sins so that we may have eternal life with our Heavenly Father. This is the ultimate display of God's love for us.

God desires a close and strong personal relationship with every one of us. He created us in His image and His word teaches us that He is the only true God. As His children, we have the privilege of knowing God and hearing His voice. This is a special bond that sets us apart from all other human beings.


Through our relationship with God, we can learn about His character and His plan for our lives. He is a loving father who wants the best for us. Spending time in Bible study and getting to know God means that we are investing in our eternal family and everlasting life. This is a commitment that God is willing to make with us, and it is up to us to reciprocate that love and commitment.

As we continue to grow in our personal relationship with God, we will also grow in our faith. We will see the transformation in our lives as we become more like Christ and develop a deeper understanding of God's love for us. This relationship with God is not just a one-time event, but a journey that we embark on for our whole lives.

Let us be encouraged to spend time with God, to listen to His voice, and to study His word. As we do so, we will not only strengthen our relationship with Him, but we will also become closer to other Christians. God desires for us to have a close friendship with Him, and through that, we can also build strong relationships with others. So let us continue to pursue a personal relationship with God, for it is the key to experiencing the power of His restoration in our lives.

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How To Save Your Marriage


Talk To Someone Who Wants To Listen, Relate, & Provide Help


We help you let the unhealthy stuff out about your marriage relationship. We use this time to listen to the situation so we do not feel crazy. You can spend time with someone who will relate to your situation and provide advice to help guide you. You will get a direction and plan for your situation with the opportunity to release things that could hold you back. We give you hope and encouragement to move forward with guidance.  We are here to help you reconcile your marriage. We help you wipe your tears so you can follow what you hear. 🤲

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Uncover How To Prevent Problems Before They Happen


Kingdom Blueprint is a fresh testimony for the glory of God. First, a person must learn the basics to avoid the very issues they may be facing today. In virtual group coaching, Kingdom Blueprint teaches the basics of restoring your relationship with God, Parenting, Finances, Communication, Boundaries, and other topics involving your journey. Marriage Restoration with God is around the corner and with God's help, you will turn your restoration situation into an incredible testimony for of becoming one flesh for the glory of God!!🙏🙏🤝

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 Heal Your Pain, Gain Your Promise & Find Your Purpose


We are here to help you make sense of your journey and then, we make a plan to take action. Our job is to give you the tools to use so that you can see the fruit of restoration in your life. Your session will focus on tangible opportunities to improve your situation. The goal is to improve your situation with strategy and not just talk about God as the Redeemer, A God of Restoration, and His wisdom reaches amazing levels, we want you to feel it. He guided us through our restoration, now let us help you plant seeds and watch God work!👏👏👏

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This couple has personal life experience in overcoming Addictions, Miscarriages, Deaths, Abuse, Trauma, Divorce, and Remarriage. They have overcome the spirit of rejection, abandonment, trauma, fear, depression, religion, rebellion, and many more so they know how to save a marriage.  They also have 4 beautiful children together and homeschooling their children. One of their children also helps children heal inner wounds left from rejection or abandonment by their parents during their teenage and adolescent years through divorce or separation seasons.

prayers for marriage restoration

Aaron and Mary Dade have a healthy marriage where they can share their own feelings and they spend time together. It did not happen overnight and it took more than one date night. In fact, there were several date nights where they learned to spend time together and not fight anymore. They were a married couple with a bad marriage and learned through Christ to do better. Jesus reminds us to be a good person who will share life through time together with one another to make any relationship work. It does not take a magic bullet to have a great marriage it is about self-awareness so that we stop relationship issues before they hurt you and your best friend you are spending your life with. To fight for your marriage is one thing that many couples need help with the best ways of how to fight for your marriage.

prayers for marriage restoration

Aaron and Mary Dade help people in the whole thing, even the little things like knowing how to fight for your marriage and other things like when to build up yourself. Fighting for your marriage can bring on many bad things and still, you are doing the right thing. One thing you have to know is how to feel loved even in hard times. There are many other things that you have to know; however, the most important is that you have two choices, really two ways you can go even though it may take time and seem like there are many ways to go, there are only two ways. SERVE THE ENEMY OR SERVE GOD. Aaron and Mary choose to serve God.
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