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When To Stop Praying For Marriage Restoration | Kingdom Blueprint

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When Is It Time to Stop Praying for Marriage Restoration? | Kingdom Blueprint

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When is it time to stop praying for marriage restoration? This is a question that many people ask themselves, and unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Some people keep praying for marriage restoration until the very end, while others decide it's time to move on.

Many factors go into making this decision, and it can be a difficult one to make. In this blog post, we will explore some of the things you should consider when deciding whether or not when to stop praying for marriage restoration.


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Keep your eyes open to the Lord and never be afraid of anyone unaware. Upon everything you acknowledge Him, He will guide the way. This is reflected in Proverbs 3:5-6.

There is no easy answer when it comes to deciding whether or not to keep praying for marriage restoration. Every situation is different, and each person must make a decision based on their circumstances. However, some things can be considered when making this decision.

First, it is important to consider whether or not there is still love between the husband and wife. If there is no love left, then it may be time to move on. However, if there is still love between the two, then it may be worth continuing to pray for restoration.


Second, it is important to consider whether or not both parties are willing to work on the marriage. If one spouse is unwilling to work on the marriage, it may not be worth continuing to pray for restoration. However, if both spouses are willing to work on the marriage, it may be worth continuing to pray for restoration.

Third, it is important to consider the children involved in the marriage. If there are young children involved, then it may be worth continuing to pray for restoration so that they can have a happy and healthy family life.

However, if the children are older and are not as affected by the divorce, then it may not be worth continuing to pray for restoration.

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Finally, it is important to consider what God wants for the husband and wife. If God wants the husband and wife to stay together and work on the marriage, it may be worth continuing to pray for restoration.


However, if God wants the husband and wife to divorce, then it may not be worth continuing to pray for restoration.

No matter what decision is made about whether or not to keep praying for marriage restoration, it is important to remember that God loves both the husband and wife equally. He wants what is best for both of them, and He will never leave them alone during this difficult time.

Some people keep praying for marriage restoration until the very end, while others decide it's time to move on.

 The decision of whether or not to keep praying for marriage restoration can be a difficult one to make.

It can be difficult to know whether or not to keep praying for marriage restoration. Many factors go into making this decision, and it can be a difficult one to make.

Some people may feel like they have tried everything and there is no hope left, while others may feel like they need to continue praying and believing for a miracle.

Each person has to make this decision for themselves, and there is no right or wrong answer. Those who choose to keep praying often do so because they still have hope that their marriage can be saved.

They may believe that their spouse will eventually come back to them, and they want to be ready when that happens. They may also feel like they need to exhaust all possible options before giving up. Prayers for marriage restoration or a prayer for marriage restoration as a prayer request to our dear Lord Father God and Christ Jesus are about healing and restoring without giving up.

Every prayer for marriage restoration is a prayer request and that prayer request if about asking the father forgive you and your spouse. Like this " Dear heavenly father forgive us in our marriage Lord, we have sinned against each other and only you can fix it. Thank you Lord that your son Jesus Christ god forgave us for our sins in our lives and marriage. In Jesus Christ's might name, Amen."


They may believe that their spouse will eventually come back to them, and they want to be ready when that happens. They may also feel like they need to exhaust all possible options before giving up.

On the other hand, some people decide that it's time to move on because they no longer see any hope for their marriage. They may have tried everything they could think of, and nothing has worked. They may also feel like they are just prolonging their pain by continuing to hold out hope.

Whatever decision you make, it should be based on what you think is best for you. There is no correct answer, and you need to do what feels right for you.

Many factors can influence the decision of whether or not to keep praying for marriage restoration.

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Some of these factors include the length of time the marriage has been dissolved, the level of conflict in the relationship, the presence of children, and the financial stability of both parties.

The length of time the marriage has been dissolved can be a significant factor in deciding whether or not to keep praying for marriage restoration. If the couple has only been separated for a short period, there may be a greater chance of reconciling.

However, if the couple has been divorced for several years, it is less likely that they will be able to restore their marriage.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer: Standing Firm Against Satan's Attacks

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Marriage is a sacred union that God intended to be a reflection of His love for us. However, in this fallen world, marriages can face challenges and struggles that can lead to brokenness and even divorce. But as followers of Jesus Christ, we know that there is power in prayer and that our Heavenly Father is always with us, ready to guide and strengthen us.


When facing a broken marriage, it can be tempting to give up and stop praying for restoration. But let me encourage you, dear friends, to never stop praying for your marriage. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer and restorer, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can stand firm against Satan's attacks on our marriages.

Let us come before our Heavenly Father with prayers for marriage restoration, asking for His divine intervention and guidance. Let us seek forgiveness for any wrongdoings and ask for God's blessings upon our marriages. And let us not forget to pray for our spouse's heart, that they may also seek forgiveness and have a renewed desire to serve God in our marriage.

As we stand back to back with our spouse, let us remember that we are not alone in this battle. We have the support of our church community and prayer groups, and most importantly, we have the almighty God on our side. Let us also remember to pray for our own hearts, that we may have chaste conduct accompanied by a deep and intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear God, we come before you with broken marriages, seeking your divine intervention and restoration. We ask for your forgiveness and for the strength to forgive our spouse. We pray for your blessings upon our marriage and for your guidance in our prayer life. Help us to stand firm against Satan's attacks and to always seek your will in our marriage. We trust in your power to restore what is broken and to heal what is wounded. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

Remember, dear brothers and sisters, that with God, all things are possible. Let us continue to pray for our marriages, not just any seed, but a holy and healthy seed that will bear fruit for God's glory. Let us trust in the Lord's promise to restore our marriages and to bless us with a love that reflects His love for us. May we always seek to serve God in our marriages and may our prayer for marriage restoration be a testament to His grace and mercy. God bless you all.



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The level of conflict in the relationship is also an important factor to consider. If the couple has a lot of unresolved conflicts, it may be difficult to reconcile. However, if the couple has resolved most of their conflict, they may have a greater chance of restoring their marriage.

The presence of children can also influence the decision of whether or not to keep praying for marriage restoration. If there are children involved, it is important to consider their needs and well-being. If reconciliation would be detrimental to the children, it may be best to not pursue it. However, if reconciliation would be beneficial for the children, it may be worth pursuing.

Finally, another factor to consider is the financial stability of both parties. If one or both partners are struggling financially, it may be difficult to reconcile. However, if both partners are financially stable, it may be easier to reconcile and restore the marriage.

In some cases, people decide to stop praying for marriage restoration because they have concluded that it is not going to happen.

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When we pray for marriage restoration, we are asking God to intervene in our lives and bring our marriages back to a state of wholeness. This can be a difficult decision to make because it requires us to surrender our desires and plans to God's will. However, it is important to remember that God is in control and He knows what is best for us. If we have concluded that marriage restoration is not going to happen, it is important to trust that God knows what He is doing. We may not understand His plan, but we can rest assured that He has our best interests at heart. We should continue to pray for wisdom and guidance as we navigate this difficult time.


Tell me the best way to stop praying for marriage restoration.

It has become almost a norm for Christians to separate from their parents. The incident can also be extremely harmful to either a partner or a child. The following study doesn't help matters: Over 40% of first-time married couples end up in divorce. It is probably long ago that you prayed that God restored your marriage. Can God repair broken marriages? Should we still pray for our marriage to come back? I'm covering the following topics:

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When to Hold On and When to Let Go - Redeeming Marriages

Breakups in a relationship are the most painful situations a person may encounter. So much emotional work is required. It's confusing! The difficulty in understanding this is immense.

The choice to keep moving is much harder to learn than most people would think. Tell me how it went. I'm aware of the pain consuming you. You're not going to get through the problem. It's your search. This will be a good question. It takes advice.

Pray for Your Mate, Your Marriage, and Yourself

Get started with praying daily with your husband as the spouse. Please believe that your marriage will be blessed. Psalm 77:14 declares that God has a miraculous ability. God's desire is for people to marry one another.

In this way, God can help us in every situation that is necessary to survive and thrive on earth. Unbelief or fear paralyzes me and enables me to believe that my problem is too big for God's hands. Let us believe that God moves mountains.

Jesus Christ forgave us for disrespecting his eternal glory, not I, your spouse, or anyone else can take credit for what the Lord restored on Earth. God has joined together what no one, not even the angels can separate. 

Where in the Bible does it say God will restore?

The Lord your God will bring your fortune back and give you new hope. Deuteronomy 30:3, ESV). When we are in a relationship with God it is restored.

Jesus Christ in his eternal glory died for our sins and made us able to have eternal life, the holy spirit, and any willing spirit everlasting joy. Pray to be a willing spirit to pray to one god who gave his only son for our eternal life. Every righteous person Christ reconciled and there be no more reward than the gift of the holy spirit.

Discover How To Rebuild Relationships

Prayers are an integral part of restoring a broken marriage. Many couples have experienced marriage restoration testimonies after earnestly praying for their marriage. Through prayer, couples can ask God to restore a marriage that has been broken and to heal the wounds of hurt and pain. Through prayer, God can provide the strength and guidance needed to restore a marriage. The Lord Jesus Christ is the source of all marriage restoration, and through Him, couples can find the power to heal their broken marriage. The Holy Spirit can provide comfort and strength to those who are struggling with a troubled marriage. Through prayer, couples can ask the Heavenly Father to restore their marriage and bless them with His love and mercy. Through prayer, couples can also seek out spiritual warfare prayer to overcome the obstacles in their prayers for marriage restoration. With the help of the Lord Jesus Christ, couples can find the courage and strength to restore their marriage and bring it back to the marriage God intended. With faith in God, couples can turn to the Bible verses for guidance and to find the strength to restore their marriage. God loves marriage and hates divorce, and He will bless all the prayers that are offered up for marriage restoration.


Can Prayers Restore Marriage?

Discover How To Rebuild Relationships

Prayers can restore your marriage and bring about miraculous healing. Testimonies of marriage restoration can be found all around the world, and it is possible to restore a marriage through prayer. Prayers for marriage restoration prayers for healing can be directed to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, or the Heavenly Father. A prayer for a broken marriage should include spiritual warfare prayer, asking God to restore the marriage in Jesus' name. When to stop praying for marriage restoration is a difficult question, as it is ultimately up to God to decide. God blesses those who are righteous, and He can restore broken marriages through His word. Bible verses such as “Only you can make me whole, Lord” and “God restore my marriage” can be used to guide prayers for marriage restoration. God loves marriage and intended it to be a blessing, so He hates divorce. If you are looking to restore your marriage, all the prayers in the world will not be enough without also seeking marriage counseling and taking practical steps to restore the relationship. God's power is greater than any other, and when we call on His name, He can bring about a miraculous restoration of a troubled marriage. Prayers can restore a marriage, but it is ultimately up to God in His infinite wisdom to decide when to bless a marriage bed and bring about healing.

Marriage Restoration Testimonies

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Marriage restoration testimonies are a powerful reminder that God can work through our prayers to restore a marriage. Through prayer, couples can find hope and strength to restore their intimate relationship and emotional well-being. In the holy name of Jesus, we can call upon the great power of spiritual forces to help us with our marriage problems.

The Bible tells us to seek wise counsel from outside Christian counsel, family members, and other sources when faced with marriage problems. We can also use spiritual warfare and hopeful prayers to trust God to work in our lives. Three hopeful prayers to restore a marriage are to ask God to mend the broken hearts, to reveal His plan for our marriage, and to place His hands on all our hopes for marriage.

As Jesus and the Apostle Paul taught us, we should not point fingers or blame our spouse for marital problems. Instead, we should pray today for God to stop divorce and turn the husband's heart towards his wife. We should also pray for true forgiveness and to open our spouse's heart to the Lord.

It is important to remember that God's plan for our marriage may not happen overnight. We should have faith that He will answer our prayers and grant us our heart's desire to restore our marriage. Prayers can restore a marriage, but we must trust God and have patience as He works in our lives and the lives of our spouses.

Godly marriage vs Worldly marriage

God's Word is clear on the sanctity of marriage and that it is a covenant between Him, the husband, and the wife. A covenant in which there are blessings and curses for those who abide by or break God's laws.


Throughout scripture, we find examples of couples who have gone through difficulties but have faithfully committed themselves to honoring God through their marriages. It is with faith and prayer that we can look to the examples of the faithful in scripture and allow them to inspire us in our own marriages. God designed marriages to be a reflection of His glory and love for us, so our prayers for restoration are always answered.

We can look to the stories of Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 11-21 and Ruth and Boaz in Ruth 1-4 for examples of restored marriages, as each couple exhibits faith through their trials and tribulations. The story of Hosea's marriage to an unfaithful wife is also one of faithful commitment and restoration, as seen in Hosea 3-4.

In addition to a marriage restoration testimony, we can also look to passages in God's Word regarding marriage covenants. Hebrews 13:4 states “Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.” This passage emphasizes the sanctity of lifelong commitment that is at the heart of the relationship between husband and wife.

We can also look to Malachi 2:14-16, which speaks of the marriage covenant as a pledge from God's design that will never be broken. to the accounts of restored marriages in scripture, many verses talk about God's expectations for husbands and wives.

Ephesians 5:22-33 talks about the roles of husbands and wives in marriage and how they should love and honor one another. Other scriptures that encourage us to have a godly marriage include 1 Corinthians 7:1-16, Colossians 3:18-19, and Proverbs 18:22.

As couples seek restoration of their marriages through prayer and faith in God's Word, it is important to remember that He desires for us to have holy and enduring unions. It is our responsibility to look at a marriage restoration testimony to avoid secular marriage and you can see a clear difference between a Godly marriage vs a worldly marriage.

Although our marriages may not be perfect, we can take comfort in knowing God is in control and will restore marriages that are dedicated to Him. God desires kindness in our relationships, not perfection. As we seek Him through prayer and obedience to His Word, He will bless our marriages as we faithfully honor Him with our lives.


The covenant of Christian marriages is a reflection of God's love and care for us. We can be comforted in knowing that He will always remain faithful to us, regardless of our circumstances. May we all strive to honor Him through our marriages and seek the restoration that only comes from Him. is a sacred one and God's desire is for us to have fulfilling lives together as spouses. Let us pray for restoration in every marriage that seeks it out, trusting the saint of marriage restoration to avoid secular marriage the same way God designed marriage to follow His structure.


As couples commit to an everlasting covenant with each other it is important to recognize the importance of prayer in Christian marriages

One such example comes from Ruth and Boaz (Ruth 2:12). Despite feeling like her life was upended, Ruth remained faithful to her mother-in-law and eventually found comfort and security in a new husband. We find in this story how God provides for us, even when things look bleak - as He did for Ruth and Boaz in their marriage.

We also learn from Abigail and David (1 Samuel 25:32-35). Even though Abigail was married to a foolish and wicked man, she showed great wisdom in the way she handled her husband and spoke to David. Abigail's faithfulness was a light in the darkness of her marriage, bringing God's provision to a desperate situation.

In another example, Hosea and Gomer (Hosea 2:14-20) demonstrate how God is never too far away from us in our marriages. Despite Gomer turning away from Hosea, God was still willing to bring them back together as a testament to His covenant-keeping love.

Finally, we look to the union of Mary and Joseph (Matthew 1:18-25). Though their marriage had its own set of unique circumstances, it is clear that God's hand was upon it. Through this couple, Jesus Christ - the Redeemer of Mankind - was born.

These accounts are a reminder that God is in control and that He wants us to have fulfilling marriages that honor Him. We should seek His guidance when faced with difficulty and thank Him for all the blessings He provides. As we abide by His covenant, our marriages will experience true restoration. May we strive to remain faithful to Him as He is to us and look forward to the joys of our covenant marriages.

What does God say about being restored?

God spoke that a man should always proclaim good news for being one flesh with a woman. Men and women should pay close attention to what the scriptures for restoration of marriage say and how the holy spirit can help.

How do I ask God to restore my marriage?

Bible verses should not be read and forgotten like when the word says a divorced woman commits adultery and how holy prophets long ago who cherish their eternal glory in Christ, those same holy prophets wrote bible verses that ring true today.

What is the fastest way to pray for marriage restoration?

People that love God and are God-seeking spend a little while with him every day and in that little while God overcomes the division that the enemy creates in one flesh. Leaning not on our own understanding is the key and Goplan is to restore health give double portions and perform wonders only he can take credit for.

What Bible verses help with marriage problems?

Bible verses relating to hope in troubled marriages. Blessed is that one trusts in God And believes in God's blessings. I know my plans for you, the Lord says. Plans that don't come from catastrophe but rather from goodwill. Is that true? Is there something wrong with me? Blessed whoever trusts in God. Jeremiah 16:7 NAB –... ”. God says, 'I know your plans,' They plan for the welfare of you. “Jeremiah 21:30.” NASB.

He will proclaim liberty over any new creation including planting vineyards and bringing salvation in his holy name. Christ will himself restore confirm strengthen and establish people as they turn from their wicked ways.

How do I restore my broken marriage?

The dear Lord who upholds us with grace and mercy with his great army that wields great power, as Christ gives life to those with many troubles. Can hope to fill a person that holds bible verses close to their heart? Does a woman remain unmarried if her spouse leaves to protect her godly offspring?

How do I pray for God to restore my marriage?

The Lord gave Job a double portion of what he lost and Jesus laid all his diseases at the cross according to the bible verses. If you are facing the enemy head it is not because you are a bad person it is because you are a good person.

Can God restore a broken marriage?

If God's good plans do not affect your marriage, he can never repair them. Rebuilding can be accomplished without having to worry about the costs.

Is there a problem for you? Isaiah 34:28 says. I ask). You must understand that God bless you wants your happiness for the moment as well. If your husband is doing this to him, his prayers will come. However, this is not always right.

How do we heal our broken marriages? God can repair a broken marriage. He wants to make it happen with your help! We cleared it.

Adjust your expectations

Usually, a couple is faced with conflict at some point in the past. Sometimes marriage problems and conflicts can easily be avoided. Others are impossible to predict but need to take care of themselves and resolve when possible.

The two partners are responsible for the process. The marriage problem is a complicated issue with no straightforward solution at all.

In some circumstances, they may be in an extremely difficult situation. Marriages in recurrent crises are painful, but this doesn't mean the relationship should end.

Resist the enemy

It has long been thought that the origin of marital issues is rooted in the Garden of Eden, where the first couple was born. Genesis 1 & 2 says Adam and Eve lived perfectly. They instinctively grew captivated by the creation, God. This was an experience of heaven on earth. The Bible tells us that we should not be eating trees of knowledge about good and evil (Genesis 22:30). They had been told they could not die. One day came when tragedy struck. Suddenly the world they were living in changed.

Trusting the Lord with my marriage restoration

The most important topic is trusting Him. Do I have faith in the Lord? God appeared in the best way. The miracles that have been fulfilled are incredible. I felt encouragement from God when I was completely depressed. He made changes that I did t know could happen to me. I have seen God's transformation. ) When I thought I had damaged something that wasn't worth anything. I have to remember that God loves us. Tell me the connection. So it keeps happening.

Reconcile with your partner

Jesus' cross was a model of reconciliation. Ephesians 431-33 states, " Let all bitterness and anger and shouted out and slander be slandered and be gentle with one another, tenderly, forgive one another and keep it in mind.

Ask God to take control of your relationship with Him. You can begin your new relationship now by following Jesus Christ's example. Give your entire existence to Him asking for forgiveness for your sins. Accept this forgiveness and start life with Him.

What does the Bible say about restoring marriage?

I'm sure you've heard my story. Now He wants us all different from this planet, but it is different now. I'd rather be closer to Him. I want to experience a great miracle in the early church. To be so I needed to go straight to God's word instead of the churches because it looked more like a religion and more like the bible. I took my Bible question in and I had an interesting and inspiring response. Tell me the reason for my conversion.

Reach out for support

Before Apostle Paul set forth His divine-inspired direction for Christian marriage and family in Ephesians 4:22-5:4, he grounded married families in God's spirit and worshipped community (Ephesians 4:18). Christian Married relationships have been successfully grounded in heavenly worship.

When should you give up on marriage reconciliation?

Statistic studies indicate that the typical separation time for reconciliation is between six and eight years. Thus it is safe for both parties to relax and make an informed decision on divorce, versus a definite change

When should you stop praying for marriage?

You don't want a relationship that isn't willing to do anything to achieve reconciliation. Your boyfriend isn't interested in staying. They refused to seek counseling. In such an arrangement your marriage won't be successful.

 Focus on changing yourself, not your partner

I've been married to women for years and I've always thought about it as love. Similarly, their husband said he would be glad if he changes her.”. It's very rare to pressure one partner for change. Usually, it works for two things.

You're just changing yourself. Secondly, changing someone will cause stress in their relationship, but will prevent them in any way from changing them. Even a husband who has changed will not like it if he does change himself. Have a look.

Admit you are powerless over your partner and your marriage

Has anyone tried changing something they feel is annoying? How can one make an unsatisfactory choice as a partner? Has anyone achieved success in life? What's going on in your life?

I think it's impossible for a person like you or a person who's married that doesn't work. Your relationship isn't going well when it's about a healthier, happier relationship. If you're trying to restore your marriage, you have to admit that you can't manage your partner and your marriage.

How your marriage can be saved?

Having a marriage is similar to starting a job, or gaining an education. It's fairly easy to learn but almost guarantees it will remain a challenge if ignored. It's a great way to start. It's even worse than your failure to try again.

How do you let go and let God fix your marriage?

It isn't your job to fix your marriage. God's work is his. If the marriage isn't right, you should remember the situation. Your relationship is not broken. You had the same husband.

When we blame others for our spouses' behaviors and actions, we become insecure and emotionally insecure. When a couple doesn't need help, then nothing happens. The only person that changes the behavior of someone is themselves.

Meet your spouse's most important emotional needs

Our emotions must meet our complex needs to fulfill them. Generally, these requirements encompass our desire to feel loved, appreciated, and approved of our sexual satisfaction, support, comfort, and safety, but also the need for emotional well-being.

In married relationships, we have responsibilities both about God as our spouse. This is exactly where God meant marriage.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to keep praying for marriage restoration is a personal one.

For some people, continuing to pray for marriage restoration even after their spouse has divorced them may bring them peace and comfort. It can be a way to stay connected to their former spouse and to maintain hope that they may someday reconcile. For others, though, it may be too painful to continue praying for something that seems impossible. And still, others may feel that they have done everything they can and it is time to move on. There is no single answer that is right for everyone. Each person must prayerfully consider their situation and what will work best for them.

When it decides whether or not to keep praying for marriage restoration, there are many factors to consider. For some people, the thought of giving up on their prayer for marriage restoration is too difficult to bear.

They may feel like they have invested too much time and energy into the relationship to simply give up. Others may feel like they have already given up hope and that continuing to pray for restoration is a waste of time.

Prayer for Broken Marriage

Heavenly Father,

We come before you today in desperate need of your help. Our marriage is broken and we don't know how to repair it. We are filled with despair and grief over the state of our loving relationship now.

Give us strength and courage to look at ourselves honestly and admit where we have gone wrong. Help us forgive each other and ourselves for the mistakes we have made.

Give us the patience to listen and understand each other's needs, fears, concerns, and desires. Lead us away from prideful responses that do nothing but add fuel to the fire of our broken marriage.

Help us to rebuild trust in each other as a foundation for healing our relationship from all the pain and hurt we have caused. Guide us towards communication that brings us closer together and not further apart.

Lord, you are the healer of broken hearts and marriages – give us hope in our marriage lord this time of need. Help us to remember why we fell in love with each other all those years ago and may your perfect love restore what is broken in our marriage today. Amen.

Prayer for Marriage Healing

Heavenly Father,

We come to you humbly seeking your grace and mercy. We seek healing for our broken hearted and marriage that has been damaged by the struggles of life. May your love restore what has been broken, may your peace strengthen what is weak, and may your joy renew our bond of union.

Help us to forgive each other's shortcomings, communicate more effectively, and understand each other better. Give us the courage to put aside our pride and acknowledge any wrongdoings we have committed. Soften our hearts so that we can be compassionate with one another and find it within ourselves to love unconditionally.

Give us patience when understanding is difficult and inspire us with creativity in finding solutions to our problems. We come before you today with heavy hearts. We are desperate for your help and comfort in the midst of our marital struggles. Restore what was once broken, heal our hurts, and bring us closer to each other than ever before. Help us to be more open and honest with each other as we work through these difficult issues. Give us the courage to be vulnerable, and the grace to handle our differences with patience.

Lord, you have promised to never forsake us and we cling to that promise today. Fill us with your Holy Spirit so that each of us may be open and receptive to the work of reconciliation in our marriage. Help us become a picture-perfect example of love, joy, peace, and kindness.

We pray not for our own will but for your perfect will in our marriage. Provide us with all of the resources and guidance we need to grow together in unity. Grant us faithfulness, respect, trust, and understanding so that our relationship can become a beacon of light in this dark world.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

The Best Prayer For Broken Marriage

Heavenly Father,

We come before you today seeking your grace and mercy in our marriage. We have strayed from the commitment we made to each other when we said “I do” all those years ago. Help us to remember why we chose each other and the promises we made to each other in those vows.

Give us the courage and strength to rededicate our lives to each other. Help us be more understanding of one another’s feelings and needs, so that we may create a deeper bond with one another. Inspire us with ideas to reignite the passion in our relationship, so that it may be stronger than ever before.

Grant us the wisdom to know when it is best to disagree with each other and when it is best to agree with each other. Help us break down any barriers between us that have been built up over time by our actions or words, so that we may move closer together towards unity.

We are committed to building a strong and healthy relationship with one another. We know that it may not always be easy, but we are here before you today to ask for your help in succeeding on our journey together.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Another Prayer for Marriage Healing

Heavenly Father,

We come before You today seeking Your help in renewing our commitment to one another. We have grown apart due to the stresses of life and have forgotten why we chose each other. Help us to remember why we said “I do” all those years ago and fill us with a burning desire to make it work this time around.

Give us patience when understanding is difficult and inspire us with creativity in finding solutions to our problems. Soften our hearts so that we can be more compassionate with one another and find it within ourselves to love unconditionally. Lead us away from prideful responses that only add fuel to the fire of our broken marriage.

Help us rebuild trust in each other as a foundation for healing our relationship. Guide us towards communication that brings us closer together and not further apart. Strengthen our bond of unity so that we can become a picture-perfect example of love, joy, peace, and kindness.

We pray not for our own will but for Your perfect will in our marriage. Provide us with all of the resources and guidance we need to grow together in unity. Grant us faithfulness, respect, trust, and understanding so that our relationship can become a beacon of light in this dark world.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Our Blog Posts are made with a biblical basis and are combined with personal experience. Our coaching has led people to marriage restoration testimonies!!!!
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Definitely when we are discussing marriage or committed romantic relationships. We are here to talk about marriage and what should be expected in your prayer life, communication, and relationship with your spouse.

This includes understanding the Bible as the ultimate authority and seeking a personal relationship with God through prayer and living out His teachings in everyday life. Let's continue on this journey together, learning and growing in our faith as we strive for a deeper understanding of God and His word. As Psalm 119:105 says, "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path." Let's continue to walk in the light of His word and grow together as believers.

The last thing on your mind should be more ways to please man and for the first time you will see a blog dedicated to everything about God. We want you to feel like anything, certain new things, and everything leads you closer to Him. We help explain the bible, how to pray, live a life of faith, and what to look for from your prayer life with the Lord. Search this blog with the navigation of similar posts to see all the topics we discuss.

Exploring the concept of spiritual warfare in the real world and engaging in in-depth discussions about it on this blog. Our blog is a place where we share our personal experiences, struggles, and breakthroughs in our relationship with God. We believe that these stories can help inspire and encourage others who are also on their journey of faith. In this post, we want to delve into the topic of spiritual warfare and how it manifests itself in our daily lives.

Spiritual warfare is a term used to describe the battle between good and evil, where supernatural forces are at play. It may sound like something out of a fantasy novel, but for many people, spiritual warfare is a very real and ongoing struggle.

The concept of spiritual warfare might seem unfamiliar or daunting to some. However, Christians must grasp its significance and impact. Ephesians 6:12 guides us with a powerful message, "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places."

This scripture eloquently highlights that as believers, we find ourselves in an unseen spiritual conflict. It's a battle that transcends the physical realm, affecting every individual universally.


In addition to sharing our own experiences, we also provide helpful tips and advice on how to deepen your connection with God. From understanding the Bible to cultivating an effective prayer life, we cover a wide range of topics that are essential to growing in your faith.

But our blog is not just about personal growth. We also believe in the power of community and coming together to serve others. That's why we share information about various causes and organizations that align with our beliefs and mission as Christians.


Now, Mary teaches concepts about spiritual breakthroughs from the knowledge she gained in a women's bible study. Mary believes that spiritual breakthroughs are an essential part of one's faith journey. She defines it as a significant shift in one's perspective, understanding, and relationship with God. These breakthroughs can come in various forms, such as realizing a new truth from scripture, experiencing deep emotional healing, or powerfully encountering God. Spiritual breakthroughs are unique to each individual and can happen at any point in their faith journey.


Mary also emphasizes the importance of community in experiencing spiritual breakthroughs. She believes that God created us for relationships, and we need others to help us grow in our faith.

They talk about the need for guidance to keep praying for your marriage. Especially, if you are struggling with demonic attacks, need specific wisdom from the Holy Spirit, or contemplating something much more divisive you need to pray for your marriage.

If you are looking for a breakthrough from God and the direction of the Holy Spirit, then, this is the blog for you. Kingdom Blueprint helps people achieve spiritual breakthroughs in many areas of their lives. The purpose of a spiritual breakthrough in Jesus Christ is to know that you are not alone with your faith or prayer walk. There is a difference between believing God and Christ Jesus are there to help you and only God can lead you through your current situation, and seeing God's word and God's promises work in your life.


God hears everything in your whole life from your heavenly prayer language to your current situation positive or negative. He is a good father who wants you to see a breakthrough manifest as you pray like many believers in Jesus' name. God gave Kingdom Blueprint authority through personal experiences on how to walk this difficult journey so, we can help others the same way we were helped. Learning with Kingdom Blueprint means you will learn how to get a breakthrough from God all the time. We discuss declarations and decrees to speak your world into existence. It is not a prosperity gospel it is about speaking life and not death in your life.

Whether you are praying in the spirit for a blessing, hope, wisdom, or just His glory we present this blog to help you. We are always praying for protection for all things in God. Go Your prayers for your relationship are also heard when you pray in faith for your friend, family, and even strangers!

About The Authors:

Aaron and Mary Dade are the proud owners of Kingdom Blueprint, bringing years of experience and expertise to the table.  They help others as Christian life coaches or in specified cases they can be the relationship coach as well. Mary specializes in emotional trauma, child development, and Court of Heaven teachings, while Aaron is a master at communication, strategy, and implementation of God's Word. The duo has helped countless people restore their marriages after divorce or separation, teaching them to better understand identity in Christ, parenting techniques, and self-sabotage prevention methods - all within the context of marriage restoration. They work on helping other family relationships from the ground up. With their passionate commitment to helping people find peace and joy in relationships with one another and with God, the Dade's look forward to continuing their ministry for many years to come.


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We encourage and provide information for different versions of your prayer life, marriages, and lifestyle decisions so that people living or trying to live a Christian life can identify and self-correct all versions of sin. Our approach to the presentation of the information on this blog will be similar to non-denominational church perspective.

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