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What Is The Will Of The Father In Heaven: Motivating Prayer To Get Closer To God The Father - God Is Great, God Is Good Prayer To Our Heavenly Father | Kingdom Blueprint

May 08, 2024
God is good, God is great prayer in God's permissive will

In the sacred silence of prayer, we often find ourselves seeking the heart of God, yearning to understand His divine path for us and how we fit into His grand design. The will of the Father in Heaven, a guidepost for the faithful, directs us toward a life of fulfillment, purpose, and spiritual closeness with our Creator. Through the power of motivated prayer, we unlock the potential to not only discern but also to live out the Will of the Father, fostering an intimate relationship with God.


Key Takeaways:

  • Prayer is essential for a deeper relationship with God and understanding His will. We have to understand that good prayers are about the relationship that you are building with God.

  • The Kingdom of Heaven can be brought to Earth through passionate children's prayer and purposeful prayer before we eat food.

  • Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit serve as our guides to knowing and living out God's will for our good gifts as Christians. What does the permissive will of God have to do with His perfect will?

  • Adhering to the Ten Commandments establishes harmony within ourselves, our communities, and with God. We must have a firm understanding of His permissive will and perfect will.

  • Holding fast to the Gospel and living a life of grace and faith in pursuit of God's will.


Exploring the Will of the Father

At the heart of our faith lies the foundational belief in a God who is both great and good, whose plans for us are for prosperity and not harm, for a future filled with hope. The Bible is rich with verses that affirm God’s sovereign will and His desire for His children to seek Him through prayer. From Jeremiah 29:11 to Matthew 6:10, where Jesus Himself teaches us to pray for God’s will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, we see the blueprint for understanding and aligning with the Father’s will.

The permissive will of God pleases God just like God's preceptive will. He has a sovereign will to our humanity, meaning that His permissive will and perfect will are many things, separate from each other is not one of them. When we are looking at what is the permissive will of God we have to know when we do things like commit adultery, that is not a decision that pleases God; however, it has no overall effect on His perfect will.

Thanking God is the beginning of being fed spiritually from our daily bread. This is faith in the resurrection of His son Jesus and our family fight against the evil one who brings death to this universe. When we explore the will of the Father we are looking out for our souls and reminds us to talk to God about sin and more importantly our sins as believers before we get to church. It is to confess forever our belief in His word before we die and never forget to speak and save others along the way.


Unearth the True Will of the Heavenly Father

Not everyone has a relationship with God the Father and this bible verse tells us to cast your love through prayers Acts 1:14

There is a distinctive beauty in seeking and understanding the will of the Heavenly Father. In a world plagued by uncertainties and doubts, knowing His divine will serves as our lighthouse, guiding us toward a life of righteousness and eternal happiness, as indicated in the Bible. The true will of God is for us to have everlasting life. To do that we need to understand how God's permissive will and God's perfect will work with sovereign power to human sin.

Seeking God's Perfect Will For Your Life: God's Word In The Present World

To seek God and what God wills for your life you must understand You have to be a living sacrifice to what God loves through His written word. You have to know what the bible speaks and find God's acceptable and perfect will through the Old Testament and the New Testament. We start with the stable bible verse about being conformed to this world.

Romans 12:2 NIV states: "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." When I start thinking of this verse as the answer to the perfect will of God.


His perfect plan is not just about knowledge of how to be a believer. It is not to prove you are ready to lead a ministry or you are a person who lives without fear. It is that you hear the example of good work from a new mind that does not miss the opportunity to conform to how other humans do. As God called Paul to be transformed, other translations say "ye transformed by the renewing of your mind", me the decision is yours to be transformed. God will not force you.

What is God's Permissive Will: Exploring What Is The Permissive Will of God

God's permissive will begins with God's preceptive will. When humans demanded a king like "all the other nations" after God saved them from death. It did not change the covenant that God made with man (1 Samuel 8:6-8 NIV). God's preceptive will and permissive will worked toward His perfect will. God makes provision for when humans do things against His will.

God's promises are the same, no matter what we see. When we marry, a man or woman has a specific role or job. It's a calling that can give us a sense of a fall from heaven to hell when it is not going correctly. God's plan does not change because our human free will moves away from it.

God permits us through His divine permission, and authority to make us do what pleases God as His daughter or as His son. He could force us to do whatever He sees as the best plan. He does not want to generate untold confusion about the presence of our free will, theologies view makes man sovereign will and the term permission suggests that God permits sin and is a helpless father. That is not true, God brings you the option to turn from sin through ordinary language in the word.


God's exercise is like what He did with Joseph's brothers or the Prophet Elijah, their free will actions did not change His perfect will. Human sin is the decisions we make based on the consequences of a ghastly view of why God simply lets suffering happen or darkness from Satan leaves a defective view of it winning.

People want God to directly intervene when something big or small is happening. It can be big like unvarnished atheism, a free country seeming to have king-like consequences, War in Israel (we can simply hope that a positive sanction from other nations is part of a decretive will of God), or any perceived human sin that seems to produce pleasure.

Experience Divine Communion through Jesus Christ

Believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, as your personal savior. In Him, we find the quintessence of the Father's love and will. His life, sacrifice, and teachings have become our roadmap to the eternal life promised to us. In God's eyes, He sent His only son Jesus Christ to redeem our relationship with Him from the fall. Make sure this is not the only prayer you pray or have prayed to draw closer relationship with god in spiritual growth.

God is Great God is Good Prayer: The Explanation of A Children's Prayer For Adults

Prayer God is great God is good is a short prayer for blessings before you eat food. Forgive other religions that do not pray before meals.

Growing up some people may recite: God is great God is good let us thank Him for our food, Amen. Others may say: God is good God is great let us thank Him for our food, Amen. Neither of these prayers waste your time and may the Lord bless your efforts to pray before you eat. The point is to break them down accordingly.


The God is good god is great prayer is about God's goodness and His character. It is not ignoring the obvious fact that God is great it is recognizing, that memories linger from His goodness more than His greatness. You can see His goodness in bible verses like Ephesians 5:9, Galatians 5:22, Psalms 27:13 ( All through Psalms speaks to His goodness and love), and Hebrews 6:5. When you are an author unknown bless your food with the goodness of God through these scriptures. The prayer God is great God is good is a short simple prayer to our loving Father God to be heard.

Prayer To Get Closer To God: May God Bless You As You Pray For All These Things

Dear Heavenly Father God, Thank you for the precious gift of prayer and the opportunity it affords me to grow closer to You. In my pursuit of Your will, I ask for the Holy Spirit's strength and guidance to fill me. Grant me the grace to relinquish my desires, embracing Your flawless plan for my life entirely. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

I pray that You unveil Your will to me more profoundly, illuminating the path I should follow and the directions I must take. Instill in me a spirit of obedience and faith, empowering me to tread confidently in Your will, secure in the knowledge of Your constant presence.

Grant me discernment and wisdom as I face life's challenges, keeping me mindful of Your teachings and steadfast in Your gospel, with prayer as my guiding light.

I am eternally grateful for the salvation offered through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Assist me in living a life that mirrors His love and grace, furthering Your kingdom on Earth.

Lord, I place my trust in Your benevolence and faithfulness. May my prayers be aligned with Your will and answered in Your time. In Your Son Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Acknowledge the Holy Spirit as your Guide

The Holy Spirit, invisible yet ever-present, acts as our guide, illuminating the path of righteousness. When we yield ourselves to the Spirit's gentle influence, our lives are transformed, and we grow closer to the Father in heaven. Like the Lord's prayer Thy Kingdom come, Thy bounty (a blessing from the Lord Jesus), and Thy gifts are all forms of the Lord's provision for blessings.

Be in prayer God is good, like two boys both with the wrong followers and one goes to protect the existence of the Holy Spirit through prayer and fighting his flesh. The other breaks God's heart by trying to join the night riches and saying "Hey to the table of demons". Pray for them both one guidance and the other for protection.

Embrace the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

God's kingdom is not a distant realm but a living reality here on earth. The Kingdom of Heaven is found in words of truth, acts of love, and deeds of faith. As we conform to God's will, we are actively participating in His kingdom here on Earth. In John 5:30 Jesus makes it clear that he is saying he says not my own will and in John 6:38 he reiterates his purpose is not his own will.

The permissive will of God is not a passive will, it is a sovereign will that shows God's perfect sovereign power to humanity. God's perfect will means that whether we love God or not, we need His divine permission in our lives. It means to love God and follow His commands you can work WITH His sovereign power.

God's exercise of His will is not to generate untold confusion or how to term permission suggests, that He permits sin. He is a helpless Father who in ordinary language keeps telling His children how to have His blessings.  If we listen to Him He will not need to directly intervene.


Uphold the Ten Commandments as your Beacon

Learn about the permissive will of God

The Ten Commandments serve as the moral and spiritual compass for our lives. Adherence to these divine laws not only strengthens our personal relationship with God but also establishes harmony within the human community. Do not wait for your last day or judgment day to obey the Lord.

The Bible tells us not everyone will enter heaven because they are a good person. The Father's hand is not on everyone who knows the mighty works and many miracles of God the Father in heaven. When Jesus asked the Father to let the cup pass if there was another way, that was him as about God's will.

Jesus says everyone that "says to me Lord" is not going to gain his attention. The Pharisees knew the law but were convicted because they would practice lawlessness to their brothers and sisters.

Pursuing God's Will Through God's Plan, Not Your Own

God desires that we surrender our will to His. When we rid ourselves of personal desire and pursue His will, we align with His divine plan and find true fulfillment. God's perfect plan is that men have one wife without the urge to commit adultery His perfect plan is many things that are well-pleasing, the problem is human free will. So, what is the permissive will of God? It is when we ignore God's perfect plan with our free will, it still does not change His perfect will.

The Lord Jesus Christ - The Bridge to Eternal Life

The Lord Jesus Christ, through His redeeming sacrifice, has become the bridge that connects mankind to eternal life. Embracing Him is embracing salvation. Whoever sees the Son and believes as it says in John 6:40 will have everlasting life. Seeing and believing the Son is about living your life according to God's guidelines.

Enter the Kingdom through Faith and Goodness

Entering the Kingdom of Heaven involves more than just knowing God's will; it requires faith in Christ Jesus and living a life free of sexual immorality and lawlessness.

The Power of Holding Fast to the Gospel

The Gospel of Christ is the embodiment of God's will and plan. By holding fast to it, we lay a solid foundation for our faith, empowering us to withstand life's trials and tribulations.

The Gift of Salvation - A Matter of Grace and Faith

Salvation is God's free gift to all who believe in His Son. It is not earned by good deeds but granted through grace and received with unshakable faith.


The Power of Motivated Prayer

Learn how prayers can lead you into God's permissive will

Prayer is not merely a ritual or a checklist item in our daily lives; it is the very essence of our relationship with God. It is through prayer that we communicate with the Creator, laying bare our hopes, fears, and gratitude. The Bible abounds with stories of men and women whose lives were dramatically transformed through the power of prayer—think of Daniel in the lion's den, or Hannah, who wept bitterly in prayer for a child. These testimonies inspire us, reminding us that prayer is a potent force that can move mountains, heal, restore, and, most importantly, bring us closer to understanding God's will.

Foster a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord? Our prayer life is a pivotal part of this journey, helping us cultivate a closer relationship with God. Praise, worship, and a steadfast spirit can help you draw near to God, wrapping you in his grace, peace, and wisdom.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray for a deeper connection, one that transcends our own understanding. Remember that the Lord is always ready to listen, to offer compassion and mercy, no matter where you are in life. By spending time in prayer, studying bible verses, and basking in His holy name, your soul will begin to realize the deep love and truth that is the core of our faith.

Drawing closer to God is more than just a desire, it’s a lifelong journey of faith, hope, and love. Seek Him in your everyday life, walk in the light of His glory, and let His words guide you on the right path. As you grow closer to God, you'll find your prayers gaining new depth, your life being blessed in uncountable ways, and your spirit soaring with a newfound peace.

In the world, there's no greater blessing than a steadfast and intimate relationship with Father God. Let your prayers be filled with praise and glory, expressing your deep love and gratitude for all the blessings He has bestowed upon you. Spend time reflecting upon the scriptures, for they hold the key to a deeper understanding and connection with Christ Jesus.

Lastly, remember to wait patiently and keep praying. God hears every prayer and in His perfect timing, He answers. May God bless your journey and may you find rest, joy, and salvation in His presence. Amen.


Getting Closer to God the Father

To deepen your relationship with God, consider these steps for a more profound prayer life:

  • Set Aside Dedicated Time for Prayer: Like any relationship, your relationship with God flourishes with quality time. Find a quiet place free from distractions to connect with God daily.

  • Prayer with Purpose: Approach your prayer time with intentionality. Consider keeping a prayer journal to record your prayers and the ways in which God answers them.

  • Listen for God’s Voice: Remember, prayer is a two-way conversation. Spend time in silence, listening for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  • Seek Guidance from Scripture: The Bible is our living guide, full of wisdom and direction for our lives. Incorporate scripture reading into your prayer practice to better understand God’s will.

Understanding the will of the Father is also about recognizing our role in His divine plan—bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. Through prayer, we are equipped and empowered to live out this Kingdom blueprint in our lives, influencing our families, communities, and the world for the better. Our prayers, imbued with faith and led by the Holy Spirit, have the power to enact change, usher in peace, and further the message of Christ Jesus.



Prayer Warriors, as you seek to get closer to God and understand His will, remember that prayer is your most powerful tool. It is through motivated prayer - passionate, purposeful engagement with the Father - that we begin to live in the fullness of His plan for us. "God is great, God is good," and He longs to reveal His will to those who seek Him earnestly.

May you be inspired to enter into a deeper level of prayer, discovering the beauty of God’s will for your life and the joy of a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father. Stand firm, hold fast to your faith in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and may your journey be rich with the eternal life and love that comes from living in God’s will.

Engage with prayer like never before, and watch as your life transforms, aligning more with the heart of God and the path He has laid out for you. Together, as we walk in motivated prayer and faith, we unlock the door to a life of deeper meaning, grounded in the love and guidance of Christ Jesus.


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