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How to win her back

Master the Art of Praying for Your Wife: A Husband's Guide to Blessing His Bride.

Are you a Christian husband looking for a way to show your wife just how much she means to you? What better way than through prayer? The Lord lives in our "Amen" for our wives.

It is an art form - but with some practice and this guide, you too can master the art of praying for your wife! Keep reading to find out how prayer will bless both you and your bride.

Why pray for your wife?

When a husband takes the time to pray for his wife, it is a sign of love and commitment.

He is recognizing that she is a precious gift from God and that he wants to honor her by seeking God’s guidance and blessing for her.

Prayer can help to strengthen the marriage bond and bring the couple closer to God.

A wife who knows that her husband is praying for her will feel loved and appreciated. She will also be more likely to turn to God for guidance and support in her own life.

Prayer can create a spiritual connection between husband and wife that can last throughout their lives together.

Praying for your wife is not only a great way to show her your love and respect, but it can also open the door to experiencing a deeply meaningful relationship with each other.

Praying for your wife does not have to be intimidating - it simply involves setting aside special time for sending prayers of encouragement, understanding, and joy.

Praying for a wife should start with yourself, invoke thanksgiving and appreciation, and extend outwards from there.

No matter what type of prayer you offer up – it will be respected, heard, and appreciated by both you and your wife also it is for your children. The Lord wants us to pray as the spiritual head of the home and the Lord wants us to know those prayers are heard.

Prayers that focus on your spouse’s strength, trust in the divine plan of things, and faith in God can truly transform and enrich any marriage.

Prayers don’t just make Proverbs 31 women – they create loving relationships between two partners who understand each other on a deeper level through their shared spiritual beliefs.

Praying together with your partner is an essential step towards building a successful marriage rooted in faith-based respect.

What should you pray for your wife?

When it comes to praying for our wives, there are a lot of things that we could pray for.

We could pray for them to be healthy, we could pray for them to be happy, and we could pray for them to be content in whatever role they are in life.

But, I think that the most important thing that we can pray for our wives is that they would come to know and love Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Praying for your wife is an often overlooked way of deepening the connection and understanding between you both.

Prayers of a wife can help strengthen your bond, and particular prayers for a wife can easily be found online that may offer a starting point for how to structure your thoughts.

Praying for your wife does not have to mean inserting her into the archetype of the Proverbs 31 woman, rather it should be tailored to her own individual needs and aspirations. Praying together if possible is even more powerful, as sharing in such a spiritual activity creates an immense bond in itself.

Praying together or through individual prayer for your wife is ultimately about granting her God's protection and blessings – so don't be afraid to give it a try!

A prayer for one’s wife may sound daunting, but why not start off small by simply showing up today and saying “yes” to a deeper coming together of two lives through faith?

Morning Prayer for her mood

The moods of a woman are often confusing or unexpected. My morning prayer for my wife is directed to my heavenly father for such a blessing that is my wife. I thank Him first that he blessed me with a wife.

Then, we pray God blesses her mood and intervenes when she doesn't feel good, and that a sense of peace that transcends into her heart. Lord bless this wonderful woman and dear Lord we thank you for your daughter's love.

I'm hoping she's a calmer woman and you'll soothe the heart when you need it. My prayer is that the lady won't suffer any mood swings.


My morning prayer for my wife today and always is that the Lord bless my life's journey with my wife.


Dear lord my prayer for my wife today is that she treats you as her best friend and her mood will reflect that.


Let the girl express her thoughts freely to you. Please remind her that you really appreciate her. Amen.


-Dear father my prayer for my wife is for great joy, her inner beauty, and that God's presence shows her that her heavenly father is the same heavenly father today as always and her mood reflects that same consistency.


May my prayer over her mood resist temptation to sin because of negative emotions and may God bless any daily prayer that I release over my wife.


In Jesus' name, Amen.


There is no greater gift that we can give our wives than the gift of salvation and the great joy that a daily prayer can bring.


When a wife comes to know Jesus Christ as her savior, she is given eternal life and the promise of spending eternity with Him in heaven.


She is also given the hope of being healed and made whole in every area of her life.

Praying to the Holy Spirit for her emotional struggles


Jesus says in the 16:33 gospel that we will be facing many troubles. He urged us to take courage as He has already overcome these difficulties.


We've got to hope for this. Let the Lord assist you today. Any burden she has will lie with Him.


Any wife can need help emotionally as she deals with internal conflicts.


My prayer for my wife is that when she feels overwhelmed by her feelings she will turn to God's comfort.


You fill her in Your presence, reminding her that if she wished only to believe in You, Jesus, You could overcome everything.


Your wife can feel a lot of stress about marriage and finances. But prayers from a husband's perspective can protect him from such a situation.


Lord, my prayer to my wife today is for her to surrender to you not to be afraid. I pray the holy spirit gives her good gifts and that this daily prayer for my wife is a blessing like a wedding day.


It's my wish that she doesn't have anything to worry about; she prays all of it with thankfulness.


In Jesus' name, Amen.


Heavenly Father, "Please Guide Her Priorities"


It is incredibly difficult to keep a wife in mind for anything else. Any morning prayer should be followed with good night prayer, especially when it comes to priorities. When it comes to priorities, all inspiring prayers should begin with an opening morning prayer.


I pray for empathetic guidance from God.


Lord, I pray today that my wife remembers the importance of seeking you first. My prayer should always be for your time to prioritize you.


It's hoped she'd take some time to do something for herself instead of pouring it out of a cup.


You have to be wise to balance work with the family and work and use your time effectively. Show her the importance she needs to set her goals for herself. Thank you very much. Praise God for numbering your days so that you can find heart wisdom! Amen.


Often the wife is forced to face tough decisions.


My prayer for my wife is that God guides her on her path of obedience and gives her inspiring prayers for her environment.


My continuous prayer for my wife is she may be loyal to Your word. This prayer for my wife is that she understands what you are asking of her and that she decides to follow Your will and manners.


May God's Spirit guide her so that her words and actions are edifying for her soul.


Give her obedience so that her obedience is pleasing to Your sight. Please come and pray with in Jesus' name, Amen.


Dear Lord: Prayer For Wife's Strength In The Morning


Prayer sets the mood for the morning. When you pray at breakfast, it gives you confidence that God will protect you throughout the day. As a husband, I have a silent prayer for my wife as a blessing to hope the lord will give her joy and peace.


Having a prayer on her day helps you be ready to talk to her.


My prayer for my wife is that God helps her fulfill every role. Also, my prayer for my wife is for blessing, grace, and peace which the world will not understand.


The grace and peace that surpasses all words that give her a beauty that the father can only give.


I ask for grace and peace that breeds kindness and happiness that all of god's children can see.


Give her power and remind her she is capable of doing everything with Christ, a mighty force for her.


I am thankful for the grace the Lord has already provided, I ask her supernaturally bless her with more so, the kindness and happiness that the Lord shows will translate to my wife.


If a woman becomes exhausted and exhausted, bring Your presence, peace, and happiness with her.


I am thankful that this is already done, Amen.


Prayers of A Wife: Prayer for Motherhood


There are days when the woman struggles to balance being a good wife and a good mom.


During this process, you might feel a little uncomfortable seeing your daughter's fruits. As a spouse, the best help your wife can get is prayer on parenting.


I pray that my spouse will be filled with patience and wisdom when guiding generations in her care. She's already a good mother, God I treasure, cherish, and am eternally grateful for the treasure that you have given me with my family.


Please forgive any sin my wife has committed toward your glory as a mother. I ask you to forgive my sin as a father as well. Fill my wife's heart with your precious love and I pray she continues to listen to your wisdom always.




Prayer for her job/Future


You may be scared of your future, which could be highly stressful and make your wife feel hopeless. Tell me the most important reason why she has to leave this place. Lord, today I pray that you will not fear your future and it is your responsibility.


May she make wise decisions in the future with an eye toward what's coming. Take them out of their eyes to protect them. I wish she continued to grow in your honor for You. Let me pray for you.


If you want to see your wife flourish both now and in eternity, then pray that she will come to know Jesus Christ as her savior.


Pray that she will have a relationship with Him that is real and meaningful, and pray that she will grow in her knowledge and understanding of His Word.


Pray for her spiritual growth, and pray that she will always be led by the Holy Spirit.


Praying for our wives this way is one of the best things we can do for them. It shows them how much we love them, and it gives them the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ.



How can prayer benefit your marriage?

In any relationship, communication is key. Prayer can be a powerful way to communicate with your spouse.

Praying for your wife may sound daunting at first, especially if you’re not that comfortable with praying. But remember, it’s a powerful way to express your love and appreciation for her.


A proverbs 31 woman is someone who exemplifies the virtues of a woman living according to scripture. Therefore, when you pray for your wife, think about those virtues and strive for them to blossom in her life.


Pray for her character, health, safety, and ultimately her soul towards God.


Don’t be frightened by the strong foundation proverbs 31 women have – instead sincerely ask God to allow your wife to reach the same level of intellect, courage, and integrity as these proverbs 31 women embody.


 Prayer can also be a source of strength and support during difficult times. When you are facing challenges or struggles, prayer can give you the strength to overcome them.

What are some tips for praying for your wife effectively?

One of the most important things you can do for your wife is to pray for her effectively. Here are some tips for doing just that:


First, pray for her daily, DO NOT LAY DOWN WITHOUT PRAYING FOR HER. Speak to her spirit and fill her with as much Godly wisdom through prayer as possible.


This will help to keep her in your thoughts and remind you to pray for specific needs as they come up. If you lay down without paying for her, you run the risk that she can fall into the enemy's schemes.


Second, know her weaknesses. We all have them, and your wife is no different. Pray that God will protect her from temptation and help her overcome any areas of weakness. Your prayers are precious, they are blessings on their own, the moment you do not fill her with your prayer life, is a chance for the enemy. DO NOT GIVE THE ENEMY A CHANCE TO REST.


Third, pray for her spiritual growth. Ask God to help her grow in her knowledge and understanding of His Word, and to equip her with the tools she needs to serve Him faithfully.


Fourth, pray for her health. Ask God to bless her with good health and to heal any illnesses or injuries she may have. She needs rest while she heals or she could fall and reopen that wound. Remember, that her self-care lives in rest, and the lord lives where we are obedient to His commandments.


Finally, pray for her family. Pray that they will be a source of strength and support for her and that they will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.



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