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When Should A Wife Not Submit To Her Husband | Kingdom Blueprint

#boundaries #godlyman #marriagerestoration #submissivewife #whentonotsubmit Mar 08, 2023
When Should A Wife Not Submit To Her Husband

As a Christian wife, understanding when to "submit" in marriage and when not to can be one of the toughest lessons we learn. This ancient theme has been examined by well-meaning church leaders for centuries and prompted countless conversations with equally frustrated wives.

Sometimes, submission is dangerous for your spiritual growth, violates boundaries consistent with biblical teachings, or limits the opportunity for God to work through you in marriage.

When Should A Wife Not Submit To Her Husband | Kingdom Blueprint

The Power Of Prayer For Self-Confidence

In this blog post, we'll examine some possible scenarios in which an unhindered submissive heart and attitude may lead to harm rather than growth; specifically looking at the question: When wives should submit a submissive wife, not when wives should submit her husband?

With prayerful insight into how best to glorify God's kingdom blueprint through our marriages, let us look into this complex topic together!


The Biblical Meaning of Submission In Marriage for Wives

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Submission in marriage is getting bad publicity right now. When society says wives must accept their husbands, the people hold hands believing the depravity of submission. It'll help clarify biblical truths regarding submission and change this perception in marriage relationships in general.

The most important text on the relationship between wife and husband in scripture was taken out from the apostle Paul's letter to churches at Ephesus, found in Ephesians 4:12-33.

Biblical Submission for the Wife in Marriage is to their own husband

The Power Of Prayer For Self-Confidence

A married couple that practices submission isn't obligated to speak with a quiet person or doorman. It doesn't mean she shouldn't be able to make an opinion. A wife who accepts their husband's relationship is a wife who supports her husband. She is doing this as a choice. Paul says wives should submit to their husbands as a woman of the Lord. Paul believes wives should submit out of obedience to the Lord and being a woman, Paul knew that they hold the keys to the heart environment of a home from the Lord.

Paul was a man of the Lord and even though Paul was not with a woman, he frequently taught about how to be a woman of the Lord. Paul was saying that the need to submit was not because you love your husband, Paul or another man of God, or you love yourself that much. Your submission is completely out of love for the Lord.


In helping the woman and her husband she teaches her to be respected. The man will become someone willing to take on responsibility. His goal is to fulfill the divine role of defending and leading his woman and his whole family together.

Again this union is to their own body god commands wives and husbands, this one flesh union is not general. The church submits to Christ and the holy spirit because they are the same thing.

The church submits to God because He is the leader of all things. A wife submits to her husband and the wife the church submits to christ just as the husband the church submits to Christ too.

It is not all-inclusive where we think God's word means that wives submit to all men in their environment.

Biblical submission is about the new testament or covenant agreement that is made like Christ loved the church and his own way Christ loved the church and people to establish a new covenant to save us.

A Wife Submits & The Church Submits: Wife Submission points to the spiritual significance of marriage relationships

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Diversity can be found within Trinity and one fleshed union between a husband and wife. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost all share God's attributes.

Despite this, they have a hierarchy at their core. For sounds a good example, Jesus clearly stated he possessed an equivalency with the divine in John 5:18.

He compared marriages to the relationship between Christ and the church. Relationships are not between master and servant but between lovers and friends. Christ gave up His life for Christ in favor of His wife.

People sometimes believe God commands wives to submit to their husband believes their will tells husbands and every other man to obey God.

Wives submit to their husbands and we pray God bless, the wife's submission in marriage as her husband believes in his wife's submission and the wife believes in her husband's authority God gave and wives submit to him.

It must be stressed that the wife loves Christ Jesus through married life as a submissive wife and her husband's relationship to God's plan and God's design for the one flesh union. The church is full of people that serve the Lord with all their hearts.

Biblical Submission: The Church submits and The Wife submits to Christ First

The Power Of Prayer For Self-Confidence

People frequently get this part confused because people believe that God-given talents can give someone the right to be verbally abusive.

The husband's love makes a husband's decision for a husband's love when he gets married. The wives submitting to how the husband feels all the time tells husbands they are not only in control of their own body but the wives as well.


This needs an example, Jesus submitted to the will of God and the church submits to the Christian wife, the husband who loves Jesus even in his own way, biblically speaking, even without pure conduct many husbands have a loving leadership under Christ. The wives and husbands and their own bodies are a part of the same church that submits to Christ.

In the new testament, God still wants the husband to keep his mouth shut and obey god. Husbands are not to stray from God's word and expect submission because they are not submitting to God's plan. In the new testament, Christ is the head of the church and not still Christ loved the church and Christ is the only head of the church and higher authority in scripture.

It sounds good wives should always submit to their husbands in the same way a husband must submit to God. A husband and wife in the church are submitting to God even in a life of struggle.

Wives should always submit to their husbands even if married life is hard because their husbands need to submit to God to come out of the struggles. The point is that the wives' final phrase should be their final phrase of submission to Christ over their husbands.

This Greek word “submit” is actually a combination of two words, one word meaning “a position under” and another word meaning “arrange or put in place.” So we see that true biblical submission is an active role that we choose to take on as wives, to recognize the higher authority that God has set up and to be subject to it.

The Bible instructs husbands, in The Word of God To Love Your Own husbands

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Only in the book Ephesians 1-5:21 can you fully comprehend the last sentence “in the eyes of the Lord”. This was a mostly evangelical group of believers. Both men and female members head of the church in Ephesus was already submitting themselves to Christ (Ephesians 4:12).

They discovered their spiritual forgiveness through Christ (2:7) faith and responsibility (2:8-10), God's wisdom revealed through the Catholic Church (4:8) and the supreme unity (4: 1). In these circumstances, ideally husband and wife have already resisted Christ. Continue on verses 22-24.


So, How Did Enoch Please God?

Enoch was known for his great faith and righteousness, which he demonstrated through his close relationship with God. He walked with God and lived a life of obedience, pleasing Him in all that he did. This included teaching others about the ways of God and warning them against evil.

In addition to his devotion to God, Enoch also had a strong marriage with his wife. This can be seen in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 marriage where it says, "Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." This is the tradwife perspective of her husband where Jesus Christ is the third strand of the three strands in the marriage (husband, wife, and Jesus Christ/God).

This passage highlights the importance and benefits of a strong marriage partnership. Enoch's wife was a supportive and helpful companion to him in his walk with God. Together, they were able to overcome challenges and support each other through difficult times.


In today's society, the value of marriage is often overlooked or minimized. However, Enoch's example shows us that a strong and God-centered marriage is vital for our spiritual growth and well-being.

As we strive to follow in the footsteps of Enoch, let us also remember the importance of building strong marriages grounded in faith and love for God.

7 Step By Step To How to Be a Godly Wife to an Ungodly Husband

1. Pray: Prayer is the foundation of a godly marriage. Pray to God for guidance and strength as you strive to be an example of His love and grace in your marriage, even when it’s difficult. Ask Him to help your husband come closer to Him and pray for understanding of his struggles.

2. Seek God's Will: You cannot expect to be a godly wife if you are not seeking God's will for your marriage. Spend time in the Word of God and ask Him for His guidance on how to best serve your husband.

3. Show Respect: Always respect your husband, in both words and deeds. This does not mean that you have to agree with his decisions or beliefs, but rather that you must remember to treat him with the same respect and love you would want from him.

4. Listen: It’s easy to become frustrated when your husband isn't living a godly life, but try not to shut down communication. Try to listen without judgment or criticism and be willing to hear his side of the story before offering advice.

5. Offer Guidance: As a godly wife, it’s important to offer guidance to your husband when necessary. Be sure to not only point out his wrongdoings but also give advice on how he can improve and grow spiritually in the future.

6. Lead By Example: The best way to influence your husband is by leading by example. Live a godly life and let him see how it positively affects you. Show him the joy and peace that comes from living for Christ.

7. Love Unconditionally: Above all, love your husband even if he is not living a godly life. Unconditional love will remind your husband of God's grace and mercy, which can encourage him to turn back to the Lord. Show him love and kindness even if he doesn't always deserve it.

Embrace the Role of a Godly Wife

As a godly wife, you are called to be an example of God's love to your husband. You can do this by making sure that your relationship with him is built on the foundation of respecting his choices and opinions, honoring his needs and desires, and being understanding of his struggles. Showing unconditional love and grace will go a long way in helping him become closer to God.

Remember that you cannot change your husband, but you can be a positive influence on him and help him in his spiritual journey. Pray for your husband and seek God's guidance as you strive to become the kind of wife your husband needs. Finally, be patient!


One of the most important steps to being a godly wife is to embrace your role as a wife. As a wife, you are called to be an example of godliness and faithfulness in your marriage. When your husband doesn’t always live up to his biblical responsibilities, it can be

Pray and Believe. At the end of the day, being a godly wife to an ungodly husband is almost impossible without prayer and belief in God's plan for your marriage. Pray every day that God will draw your husband closer to Him and restore your marriage—and believe that He can do it! Even when things seem hopeless, keep praying and believing. You never know how much your faith and prayers can change the situation! Pray for God to open your husband's heart, mind and spirit to His word and guidance. And don't forget to pray for yourself as well—for patience, understanding, love, grace and wisdom in handling this difficult situation. With faith, prayer and a little effort you can be the godly wife to an ungodly husband that God has called you to be.

Remember, being a godly wife doesn't mean you have to accept or condone your husband's behavior—it means that you are dedicated to praying for him and loving him in spite of his current state. With prayer and faith, anything is possible! So keep your head up and remember submitting does mean giving up!!!


So What Does Tithing Have To Do With Submitting To Your Husband?

One of the characteristics of a godly woman is appreciating that every day is the Lord's day and since God hath prospered humans with abundant life, we should not look at ourselves as "poor Christians" who collect money and hide it for ourselves. A Godly woman should want a Godly man to give freely, especially to the Church.

The core bible verse 1 cor 16:2 is about tithing mostly. Mathew 6 34 is the same as 1 cor 16:2 in many ways it discusses submission by Christians to God. Matthew 6:34 says: "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."


The concept of tithing has been a topic of discussion in the Bible for centuries. The core bible verse 1 Corinthians 16:2 specifically talks about tithing, saying "On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with your income, saving it up, so that when I come no collections will have to be made." This verse emphasizes the importance of giving freely and regularly to the Church.

But how does tithing relate to submitting to your husband? It all goes back to understanding the concept of submission in a biblical context. According to Ephesians 5:22-24, "Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

What we others should do when a husband dishonors his wife

The first step is for the husband to take accountability and responsibility for his actions. He should apologize to his wife and reaffirm that he respects her dignity and worth. He should make a commitment to change his behavior and respect her in all interactions from then on. It's important for both parties to be willing to have open conversations about their feelings, expectations, and what needs to change.

The second step is for family and friends to offer support and guidance. It's important for people who care about both the husband and wife to help them find ways to resolve their issues in a healthy manner. This can include providing resources, such as marriage counseling, or simply being available to listen and provide a safe space for communication.

When a husband dishonors his wife, it is important for others to show support and compassion. It can be difficult to know what to do in such a situation since it is a personal matter, but there are some steps we can take to ensure the safety of all involved:

1) Talk with the couple and try to get an understanding of what happened. Try to be understanding and non-judgmental.

2) Offer support, such as counseling or other services that may help address the situation.

3) Respect the couple’s privacy and do not expect them to disclose details of their relationship with others.

4) Speak out against any behavior that disrespects women and encourages men to treat them with respect.

5) Encourage the husband to take responsibility for his actions and work towards improving their relationship.

6) Offer your help in any way that you can, such as providing practical support or being there to listen if needed.

It is important to remember that each individual situation is different and it is up to the couple to decide what action they need to take. However, it is important that we do our best to support those in such difficult situations and ensure that respect for all relationships is maintained. By doing this, we can help create a stronger and healthier future for everyone involved.

Should You Submit to Your Husband: When a Husband Dishonors his Wife

Submitting to your husband can be a difficult decision. If he has dishonored and hurt you, it can seem impossible to simply “give in” and submit to him. However, there are some important considerations that should be taken into account before you make a final decision about the situation.

First and foremost, be sure that you have communicated your feelings about the dishonor and hurt to your husband. It is important for him to be aware of how his actions have affected him, and it gives him a chance to apologize or try to make amends. Talk openly and honestly with him about the situation, so that he understands your perspective and feelings.

You also need to consider if there are changes you can make to help improve the relationship and avoid future dishonor and hurt. For instance, if you know that certain topics or behaviors lead to arguments between the two of you, then try to set boundaries and find more constructive ways of having conversations with your husband. It's important, to be honest but fair when discussing difficult issues, so consider carefully how best to do this.

Wives Submission rules: How to be a Godly Wife to an Ungodly Husband

For many women, it can be difficult to be a godly wife in an ungodly marriage. If your husband has dishonored you and is not living up to biblical expectations, it can put you in a difficult position. However, there are still ways that you can honor God and remain faithful to Him even in such challenging circumstances.

The first step is to pray for your husband and ask God to work in his life. While it may be hard to understand, the Bible teaches that true change can only come from God. Pray that He will soften your husband’s heart and show him the path of righteousness.

Second, respect and honor your husband as much as you can. This includes speaking kindly to him, not engaging in arguments or debates, and being supportive of his choices. While you should not put up with any dishonor or hurtful behavior, try to remain patient and loving towards him.


Third, show grace when possible. If your husband makes a mistake, don’t be too quick to judge or criticize him. Instead, offer forgiveness and understanding. This doesn’t mean that you have to accept any dishonor or hurtful verbally abusive behavior, but it does mean extending grace and mercy in difficult times.

Finally, remain faithful to God in all things. When your husband dishonors you, it can be easy to question God's plan for your life. However, remember that He has called us to remain faithful and trust that His will be done. Remember, too, that God is always with you and will never forsake you. This can help provide strength when nothing else seems to work.

By working to maintain a godly attitude in an ungodly marriage situation, you honor God and remain faithful to Him. While it can be difficult at times, it's the best way to remain true to your faith and stand firm in what you believe. Ultimately, God will be the one who provides strength and guidance as you seek to become a godly wife in an ungodly marriage.

Women and men have equal worth

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Submission may be considered a topic of debate in contemporary cultures as an implication of inferiority between men and women and girls. Ephesian 5 (15-15-33) is a book that encourages unity among couples, however.

In this regard, Paul's advice for wives has not been isolated from his advice to men or his general advice to both genders. Jesus spoke publicly to a Samaritan woman in one case, and that's a routine taboo.

The Bible says that men should love their wives as they would their own bodies (Ephesians 5: 28). Wives are to be loved and respected by their husbands. In the same way, men should respect and honor their wives. It's easy for a husband to make decisions about his own life, but true leadership is when he has become in tune with God’s will for his marriage.

Second, Scripture reminds us that husbands can “rule” over their wives not by might or power but rather by the meekness of spirit (1 Peter 3:7). This type of meekness flows from an understanding of how Jesus treated His bride, the Church.

Since men have been given authority over earthly matters, husbands and wives should have a unified vision for their marriage. They must focus on what God desires for their relationship. If both husband and wife are committed to honoring God in their marriage, then they can work together to build a loving leadership mutually honoring partnership that glorifies Him.

Secondly, Scripture tells us that the husband is responsible for providing spiritual guidance and direction in the home (1 Corinthians 11:3). In other words, husbands should be leading the family spiritually by setting an example of faithfulness and obedience to God.

Thirdly, since the husband is the head of his home he must take care of not only his own obedience, he is responsible for his whole family as well.

That means putting away selfishness and focusing instead on how each partner can contribute to building a strong Christian marriage.

First, Biblical Submission Does Not Mean That Wives Submit to Other Men

While Scripture tells the wife to submit to her husband the wives are commanded to submit only to their husbands, and not to others. The church does not have the authority of the wife and the pastor of the church. When the Bible speaks about creating women God didn’t say, “ I am gonna make a helper suitable the man [plural help]. “I'll be one of the helpmeets.”

That men and women are both equal in the eyes of God. A wife’s submission to her husband is not a sign of inferiority, but rather an act of respect for his leadership role within their marriage.

What Is True Biblical Submission?

True biblical submission is seen as an active role that wives should take upon themselves to recognize the authority God has set up and be subject to it. Scripture teaches us that submission means voluntarily yielding one's own will or opinion to another out of love and respect for God (Ephesians 5:22–24).

This type of voluntary submission does not mean being subservient, nor does it negate any right to disagree with one's mate. Rather, wives submit by honoring their husband’s leading role, respecting his decisions, and not doing anything to undermine him.

Additionally, husbands should be aware of the delicate balance between exercising their leadership in a loving way and being overbearing or too demanding.

Biblical submission is rooted in God's design for marriage. Husbands and wives should recognize that they are both equal before God and should act accordingly in order to build a strong Christian marriage. Mutual respect, honor, love, and appreciation are essential ingredients for achieving a healthy relationship between spouses.

When couples practice Biblical submission within the framework of a loving marriage, the relationship can endure any situation.

Ultimately it is through true Biblical submission that husbands and wives can show reverence to each other out of their love for God. It is in this way that couples can build a relationship on a firm foundation built upon Christian values and principles.

This will enable them to experience all the joys, benefits, and blessings that come with honoring one another within their marriage as they honor God together.

Wives Submit: It makes you happier to embrace your God-given role

The instructions given by Jesus are all for our good and benefit. He knows how to be happy in marriage if you live in submission to a loving husband. The kids in Ephesians 5 have a duty of obedience to their fathers.

They find the best way by watching their devoted mother submit her husband and their father submit his husband makes his wife loves his/her husband makes a heavenly father. Your willingness and submissive heart to accept your Father will show your child the same way how he can accept your heavenly Father. How fun!

whosoever will be great among you, let her/him be your minister; And whosoever will be chief among you, let him/her be your servant (Mathew 20:27). This means that the husband should serve his wife as if he were serving God. He should love her and cherish her as much or even more than he loves himself. By living out this role of service and submission, a husband can demonstrate an example of Christ’s love to his wife.

Husbands have been given the responsibility to protect their wives and children, provide for them financially, spiritually, and emotionally serve them through prayer and study of the Word of God.

But what if my husband isn't a Christian? Do I still need to submit it?

In Peter 3:11-2, this concept is a perfect living example. My husband doesn't believe in Christ... but he my wife believes in Him.” You should pray every day. As mentioned earlier, it is also possible for non-Christian couples to marry.

It’s just a caveat: He should know you submit first and foremost to Christ. Once we have learned how to be submissive god bless us, we must understand how to be submissive and blessing us!

Understand the Meaning of Submission - What Does it Mean to Submit to Your Husband in Marriage

Learn How A Husband Should Love His Wife

Submission in marriage is a complex and often misunderstood concept. Women may be confronted with the words their husband wants them to submit and not always understand what it means. It does not mean for a wife to relinquish her autonomy, but rather, to honor her marriage vows by building open lines of communication and respect between her and her husband.

It requires recognizing when compromises should be made, but also understanding that submission is a two-way street; wives should expect the same level of respect from their husbands as they offer themselves.

Of course, there are rules of submission that mandate that a wife should never submit if it means going against her faith or moral values, so knowing when not to submit to her husband is important. However, done right and with an open heart, submitting to your husband can bring more joy and harmony into your marriage instead of conflict or difficulty.

Respect Yourself and Your Needs - When is it Appropriate to Stand Up For Yourself and Not Submit to Your Husband

The notion that wives should always submit to their husbands is misguided and, sometimes, even damaging. Wives need to recognize when it is appropriate to stand up for themselves and not submit to their husbands. In addition, respect for oneself and one's needs should be a priority in any relationship.

If one partner does not feel respected or taken into consideration, then that is the time for the wife to confront her partner about the situation and work together on finding a balance wherein both partners can feel respected and fulfilled.

Ultimately, it is never wrong for a wife to take care of herself in any relationship - learning when it is too much and when it is sounds good, too little goes a long way in keeping relationships happy and healthy!

Set Boundaries in the Relationship - How to Draw the Line Between Being Submissive and Disrespectful To Your Own Husbands

Learn How A Husband Should Love His Wife

When a husband dishonors his wife in any way, she needs to draw the line between being submissive and disrespectful. It is not always easy when faced with difficult decisions, but when disrespected, a wife should respect herself enough not to submit to any suggestions that do not honor God or their relationship.

Rather than submitting to what a husband may be requesting, it is always better to talk through a situation together and find a middle ground so that they can both feel respected and heard.

Seeking wisdom from the Bible can help when navigating how to be a godly wife when married to an ungodly husband such thing; identifying when submission should be withheld is key in setting boundaries in any such thing in a delicate relationship.

Know That Submission Does Not Mean Obedience - When It's Okay To Say No To Your Husband's Requests

Everyone has been in a marriage where your husband requests something from you and it just doesn’t seem quite right. It is important to remember that submission does not mean obedience; sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to say no to your husband’s requests. Respect your spouse, but be true to your conscience; your husband will find you more attractive when you stand your ground.

Show your strength of character by knowing that being a wife means that you will not submit to your husband. Respect the relationship, while maintaining your individual beliefs and balancing what is best for both of you.

Examine Your Motivations for Submission - How To Avoid Manipulation and Control When Submitting To Your Husband

In marriage, wifely submission to husbands is a source of tremendous strength for many families. However, it can also be abused. Understanding when certain measures of wifely submission are inappropriate is important in any marital relationship.

For example, if a wife begins to feel corporated into submitting to her husband's will under false theological justification, or as a way to emotionally manipulate them or control their own decisions and actions, then this may be an occasion when wifely submission should not be used.

A wife needs to evaluate the motivations and thought processes behind her husband's requests before blindly following his orders - especially if he deflects wife-correction texts from the Bible with non-scriptural arguments.

For wifely submission in marriage to work appropriately, couples must fully understand what it implies; when it should no longer be practiced; and how it can fall victim to power imbalances that cripple marriages instead of empower them.

Communicate with Respect and Trust - How To Talk With Your Husband About Uncomfortable Topics Without Conflict or Resentment

Learn How A Husband Should Love His Wife

When it comes to submitting to your husband, it is important to remember that what matters is respect and trust. It should never be a matter of blindly following what your spouse wants, but rather finding ways to communicate what you find comfortable and what works for the two of you as a couple.

To do this, both parties need to come to the table with open minds willing to discuss what each of them thinks is best. It can help to start by discussing what expectations you may each have for the other, and make sure there are no miscommunications.

No matter what disagreements arise in conversations about uncomfortable topics or situations, try your best to focus on expressing yourself with respect and strive not to take things too personally. With time and communication, trust can grow between many husbands and wives allowing them to explore ways they can both submit for their marriage relationship to thrive.

Ultimately, it is up to a wife to decide what submitting to her own husband feels and looks like in her marriage. No matter the decision that wives should make when should a wife not submit to her husband, it should be based on more than just following the rules of submission without fail; a successful marriage occurs when both parties treat each other with respect and understanding.

A wife may choose to accept her husband's rulings and requests but should never feel obligated to do so unless it is fully something she wants to submit to. Women must establish boundaries and understand that submitting does not always mean they have to follow blind obedience or tolerate manipulation or abuse.

Communication, empathy, and trust are essential components in any healthy marital relationship—especially when considering the topic of wife submission.

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God hears everything in your whole life from your heavenly prayer language to your current situation positive or negative. He is a good father who wants you to see a breakthrough manifest as you pray like many believers in Jesus' name. God gave Kingdom Blueprint authority through personal experiences on how to walk this difficult journey so, we can help others the same way we were helped. Learning with Kingdom Blueprint means you will learn how to get a breakthrough from God all the time. We discuss declarations and decrees to speak your world into existence. It is not a prosperity gospel it is about speaking life and not death in your life.

Whether you are praying in the spirit for a blessing, hope, wisdom, or just His glory we present this blog to help you. We are always praying for protection for all things in God. Go Your prayers for your relationship are also heard when you pray in faith for your friend, family, and even strangers!

About The Authors:

Aaron and Mary Dade are the proud owners of Kingdom Blueprint, bringing years of experience and expertise to the table.  They help others as Christian life coaches or in specified cases they can be the relationship coach as well. Mary specializes in emotional trauma, child development, and Court of Heaven teachings, while Aaron is a master at communication, strategy, and implementation of God's Word. The duo has helped countless people restore their marriages after divorce or separation, teaching them to better understand identity in Christ, parenting techniques, and self-sabotage prevention methods - all within the context of marriage restoration. They work on helping other family relationships from the ground up. With their passionate commitment to helping people find peace and joy in relationships with one another and with God, the Dade's look forward to continuing their ministry for many years to come.


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Prayer for New Mom (+ Other Ways to Bless Her)

Jun 15, 2024

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This Christian blog is to be used for informational purposes only. The fundamental purpose of this blog is to present information about God to help others further their relationship with Him.

We encourage and provide information for different versions of your prayer life, marriages, and lifestyle decisions so that people living or trying to live a Christian life can identify and self-correct all versions of sin. Our approach to the presentation of the information on this blog will be similar to non-denominational church perspective.

Kingdom Blueprint will always desire to bring people closer to God and appreciates all denominations drive and internal strategy to bring people to Him. While we have an abundant appreciation for every denomination, we maintain a unique and motivated non-biased conclusion to all denominations.

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